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Aims, Objectives and Outcomes


To develop a world-class clinically annotated bio-sample repository from patients with pancreatic diseases and cancer. Thus, this research tissue bank will be critical to develop and validate pancreatic cancer biomarkers. These biomarkers will help to reduce the enhance survival by early diagnosis. We hope these biomarkers will enable patients to access definitive treatment such as surgery earlier. Thus, the overall objective remains to prolong life of pancreatic cancer patients.


  • Enable clinicians, scientists and patients to work together.
  • Generate a resource to enable more research for early diagnosis and better treatment for patients with diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.
  • Develop a clinical database.
  • Develop a bioinformatics platform to harness the power of '-omics' approach.
  • Extensively annotate sample repository with biological data as it is generated to amplify the value of individual biological and clinical study.


  • Improve the quality of translational research.
  • Allow scientific groups with limited access to material to validate their findings in appropriate clinical samples.
  • Support sophisticated analyses on isolated cell populations e.g., for localisation of novel genes, and allow determination of the interplay of different cell types.
  • Make valuable new tools available through R&D.
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